PHHP IG-Rich Colostrum

ig rich colostrum

PHHP IG- Rich Colostrum is a perfect natural food which is indeed the Mother Nature’s Gift for Health. It is the pre-milk fluid produced by the mother cows within 72 hours after calving, rich in immune factor and growth factor, PHHP IG- Rich Colostrum helps not only enhancing immune system, but also growth and repair of tissues and cells.


250mg × 120 capsules

Main Ingredients

Bovine Colostrum

Unique Selling Point

  • Pure colostrums
  • Low in fat and lactose
  • High IgG content


  • PHHP IG-Rich Colostrum helps in enhancing organ and muscle growth for children, as well as improving immunity and strengthening body health.
  • PHHP IG-Rich Colostrum contains growth factor which helps to enhance in cell growth, repairing and speed recovery, it is extremely good for those who need lots of energy.
  • PHHP IG-Rich Colostrum can help to improve immune system, therefore is suitable for those who are weak.